How to listen to CRUFFYcast

In order for you to be able to listen to CRUFFYcast's mp3 stream, you'll need a media player capable of MP3 streaming on your computer or device. Here's a list of my suggestions:

For Windows users, I highly recommend using the free WINAMP player. If you don't already have a media player capable of MP3 streaming, you can download and install WINAMP here.

Other MP3 capable media players for Windows include but are not limited to iTunes for Windows, RealOne and MusicMatch.

For my friends who have decided to stick it to Bill Gates and are using one of the seemingly hundreds of Unix/Linux Distributions available, there are a number of clients for your platforms which will work: VLC, XMMS, mpg123, Xaudio or MPlayer.

Mac Users should be able to get the job done with iTunes or VLC.