About CRUFFYcast.com

CRUFFYcast is the brain child of myself, Reynaldo Malik, offering the best in Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and other musical delights for your listening pleasure. It started off offering a live stream of my music library but focus has since changed and now features live streams of some of Belize's hottest DJs including the Stone Jam Family featuring Jaro and Ras, Special, Bobo & Jago of Tagg International, DJ Busch, MADD Squad's DJ Motion and Jah Fire's Kenny G & Riddim One. It is owned, operated and maintained by myself from out of a back office at my primary place of business, Infotel International Ltd.

CRUFFYcast is a FREE service and requires no sign up or hidden fees for you to enjoy. All I ask is that you use the resources in a civilized manner, especially the interactive chat room. By all means spread the word, and if by chance you, your employer or someone you know is interested in advertising on the site, please link me.

Shout outs to the Almighty, from whom all blessings (and my talents) flow and Renisha Alexandra, daddy loves you princess! Big up the Stone Jam Family for life cause a we set the trend!.

RIP Dwayne Arnold & Richard Hoare, 2 good men gone but never forgotten!